- Natural Language Processing

    Our first research goal is to develop natural language processing techniques, the essential parts of developing an Intelligent Agent System, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) based on Dialog, Text Mining, High Performance Information Retrieval, etc . We have been making steady progress toward our goals and developed various language processing techniques. Following is our research topic in NLP area.
    • Morphological analysis
      • Text Preprocessing
      • Korean morphological analysis
      • POS tagging
    • Syntactic analysis
      • Grammar
      • Chunking
      • Dependency parsing
      • Phrasal structure parsing
    • Semantic analysis
      • Word sense disambiguation
      • Semantic role labeling
      • Modality recognition
      • Named entity recognition
      • Predicate argument analysi

    Natural Laungauge Processing is widely used to Information Retrieval and Data-Mining. We are trying to research new area and use our research to process various kind of information technology area.

- Information Retrieval

    Based on our NLP technologies, we try to develop an information system that supports effective and efficient access to enormous and growing amount of information stored in text and hypertext data. Research issues include Information Retrieval, Text Categorization, Automatic Text Summarization, Question Answering, etc. Especially, our research in the IR field has focused on the development of high performance systems utilizing various NLP technologies. Following is our research topic in IR area.

    • Information Retrieval
      • IR model
      • Text categorization
      • Cross Language Information Retrieval
      • Text summarization
      • Quality-based IR
      • Etc.,
    • Question Answering
      • Open-domain QA system
      • Definitional QA model
      • Domain-restricted QA
    The result of our research is not only developing of Integrated-Intelligent Information Retrievial System, but also providing origin technology of processing and analysing text information.